The Definitive Guide to Learning to Play Blackjack Online

If you want to learn how to play blackjack online like a pro… you’ve come to the right place.

A few weeks ago we told you how you can start playing online slots. You remember ? Well, now it’s the turn of another very popular online casino game, Blackjack.

What is Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games worldwide. Millions of players strive every day to improve their skills in blackjack, or as it is also called, blackjack.

The dynamics of the game are incredibly simple. The player competes with the croupier, or the dealer. The objective is to obtain a value close to 21 with the number of cards obtained, always without exceeding 21, that is to say that as the game progresses, the player asks the dealer for the cards to closer to the number 21.

In each Online Casino you will find classic Blackjack, where you can apply a series of concepts that we detail below.

In general, most players dare to keep asking for cards until they have 17 points, after which the probability of getting a card with more than 4 points is considerably high, so it’s not worth to take risks. However, more experienced players rely on what is called optimal blackjack strategy.

How to play like a pro?

You can’t start the house from the roof. To learn how to play like a pro, we must first learn the basic terms used in blackjack.
Basic Online Blackjack Terms

Ask (Hit)

This is the most commonly used term and, as the name suggests, it is used to ask the dealer for new cards. You can ask for as many cards as you want until you are satisfied, or you can go over 21 points and lose.


We all know this expression. In blackjack it is used to tell the dealer that you don’t want any more cards.


You can use a split when the dealer gives you two cards that are exactly the same. In this case, you divide them and you create two decks of cards that you can play with as if you were playing with a single stack of cards. After rolling a double, you can only request one more card before you finish your hand.


This is the phrase you never want to hear in a game of blackjack. This means that you have exceeded 21 points and therefore you lose the game and your bet remains with the dealer.

Once you understand these terms and control the level of risk you can take on each play, you can study professional blackjack strategies a little more thoroughly. Optimal Blackjack Strategy. Become an online casino pro

Over time and based on many online blackjack games, the most experienced have come to the conclusion that there is a strategy that we can rely on to increase our chances of winning. This strategy is based on the type of cards that can be obtained in the game.

The Ace will determine the type of cards we have in our deck

In blackjack, the cards have a value ranging from 1 to 11 points. Cards from 2 to 10 have the value corresponding to the number written on them, the numbers JQK are worth 10 points and the Ace can be worth 1 or 11 points depending on the situation. Depending on the situation, the value of the Ace card is worth two types of cards: hard cards and soft cards:

Hard cards: The dealer has dealt us some cards and among them we can’t find an Ace.
Soft Cards: The dealer deals us a hand in which we get a card between 2 and 9, both included and accompanied by an Ace.
By following these concepts we can enter fully with the optimal blackjack strategy which is based on the following table where it indicates, depending on the type of cards we have, what we must do at each moment

However, following this strategy does not guarantee that we will win every game we play in our life. In fact, in the world of online and offline casinos, chance is king and no matter how much experience we have or how many strategies we follow to get the result of our game, it mostly depends on our luck. That’s one of the things that makes these kinds of games special, isn’t it? If this were not so, the most experienced would win and for this there are other games such as chess or quizzes.